Covering coronavirus: I cover it all and feel the weight of it all, too

The Times Free Press website is seen on digital producer Kim Sebring's laptop as she works from home on Thursday, March 26, 2020. / Staff photo by Kim Sebring

As a digital producer at the Times Free Press, I'm used to handling every kind of story I get thrown from every section of the news, from local, national, sports, life, faith, crime - you name it.

I remember first reading about the coronavirus months ago when I saw a single story about it on the national news wire. At that point, it had just been detected in China, and I never dreamed it would escalate into what we're dealing with now. Since then, I've seen every facet of the news affected by this pandemic, and nearly every story I post to the website now either directly involves COVID-19 or at least mentions it.

But I - along with my coworkers - have been trying to strike a balance: we want to keep people informed with the latest updates about the virus while also sharing other interesting, more lighthearted content that's just as relevant, like gardening with robots, eating invasive species or taking the mystery out of wealth management.

More of these kinds of stories can be found in our magazine sections on the website: Chatter, Edge and Get Out.

The seemingly endless stream of news is often hard to stay on top of, and those of us gathering and sharing it are feeling the weight of the current situation like so many of our readers are. Just remember we're here for you and we'll continue doing our best in the midst of all that's going on around us.

In the meantime, I invite you to keep learning with us, and please don't hesitate to reach out with comments and suggestions.

- Kim Sebring, digital producer, 423-757-6315