TVA reopening most recreation areas and campgrounds after COVID-19 closings

Photo by Dave Flessner / TVA's recreation area at the Chickamauga Dam is reopening. Although swimming and picnic tables will be available for public use, the playground and restrooms will not be open to limit chances of spreading the coronavirus.

The Tennessee Valley Authority is reopening most of its recreation areas and six dam reservation campgrounds this weekend, two months after most of the public facilities were closed as part of the overall federal and state response to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

But one of TVA's popular recreation areas near Chattanooga, the Raccoon Mountain recreation area, remains closed while crews work to repair a damaged portion of the road leading up to the mountaintop lake, bike trails and pumped storage facility just west of downtown Chattanooga.

"We've had some erosion damage on the road leading up to the reservation (atop Raccoon Mountain) so it is unsafe for people to access the area right now," TVA spokesman Jim Hopson said Friday. "We're working to correct that and we hope to reopen that facility soon."