Inexpensive Christmas gifts you might want to begin to prepare

Christmas stocking hanging against wooden wall with gift presents and christmas decoration. Horizontal stocking tile christmas tile holiday sock package box tile gift gifts tile / Getty Images

Even though our December columns feature holiday advice, the beginning of this month marks a pathway to place your creative eggs in one basket (even if your creative bones are non-existent like mine) and ready yourself for inexpensive gifts that might take a few weeks to prepare; hence, this early November start. (I do love Mary Hunt's assistance!)

Decide on the amount you'll spend on each giftee which, obviously, varies upon the person. For example, let's say you plan to spend $35 each for your two best buddies. Even though you've budgeted this amount, the total doesn't mean the maximum amount must be mandatory. While shopping, you come across a gorgeous scarf, originally marked $49.99 but now on half-price sale. Just because you planned on the original thirty-five bucks but are now happily spending a teeny bit less than $25 does not mean you keep searching for another $10 gift to make up the difference.