Beltone Hearing Center: Celebrating 80 Years Best of the Best in Hearing Aids and Care

It was 1940 when the Beltone legacy began. It started as a simple act of care. Sam Posen's friend was in need of a hearing solution that allowed him to hear life to the fullest again. What happened next launched a revolutionary business into action. Posen created a miniaturized hearing solution with personalization features that allowed his friend to hear "as clear as the tone of a bell" for the first time ever. With that, Beltone was born.

Today at 80 years later, Beltone is still about dedication to people. They work with the same spirit, care, and passion of the company's origin. Beltone is more than just hearing aids – rather, they're hearing care partners who are there every step of the way throughout the journey to better hearing. With every new hearing innovation and breakthrough is a promise of partnership.

This year, Beltone is celebrating its 80th anniversary as one of the most trusted brands in the industry for quality products and patient care. Beltone is honored to have changed so many lives and continues to focus on the needs of their patients through dedicated research and creation of innovative hearing technologies.

"As we celebrate 80 years of serving the hearing impaired we are more focused and dedicated to using advanced audio technologies to assist those with hearing loss," said President of Beltone South, Perry Ebel.

And to that, Beltone is happy to share its newest breakthrough technology, Beltone Imagine, the first full-featured hearing aid that combines a microphone and receiver in the ear canal to capture sound just like nature intended. Using the unique shape and size of a person's ear, this breakthrough enables an unprecedented natural sound experience, addressing one of the biggest complaints of hearing aid users: "artificial" sound.

"By mimicking the way the ear captures sound, the new Beltone Imagine hearing aid breaks technology boundaries to deliver a tailored, unprecedented natural sound experience," Ebel shared.

Most traditional hearing aids pick up sound behind the ear, providing an unnatural sound experience, with less depth and direction. Beltone Imagine represents an entirely new class of hearing aids, the first to use a Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear (M&RIE, pronounced Marie).

By taking advantage of natural acoustics of the ear, this new technology eliminates the artificial sound associated with traditional hearing aids. The most immediate way people will notice the difference is in the sound of their own voice. Beltone Imagine also offers advanced sound settings that automatically detect and adapt to a person's environment and naturally focus in on the sounds they want to hear.

"Everyone's ear is different, so we all hear differently," said Ebel. "To be able to tailor the hearing experience to each patient is truly wonderful. This is something we've been trying to solve with hearing aids for decades. We hope this improved experience will encourage more people to treat their hearing loss."

According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 30 million Americans have a hearing loss and could benefit from using hearing aids but don't currently use them.

Beltone Imagine is available with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours with a three-hour charge and connects directly to Apple devices and Android smartphones to stream audio. Its enhanced ergonomic design comes in eight new natural colors to match a variety of skin and hair colors. Every purchase automatically includes BelCare, a lifetime care and protection service available only with Beltone.

The new Beltone Imagine is available exclusively at the Beltone Hearing Care Center at local providers. Every Beltone location has put stringent COVID-19 precautions into place.

Beltone provides their patients with free hearing tests, free hearing aid adjustments, free cleanings, and free in-office repairs. A Beltone patient can get their cleanings, adjustments, and in-office repairs at any of the 1,500 Beltone's in the nation at no charge. With 80 years of experience Beltone goes above and beyond for their patients. Call today for a free consultation and free hearing test.


"Everyone's ear is different, so we all hear differently. To be able to tailor the hearing experience to each patient is truly wonderful." Perry Ebel

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