Cooper: Hamilton County is the least religiously diverse of Tennessee's four largest cities

Staff File Photo / A group of women pray on the steps of Chattanooga City Hall during a 2011 Mothers Against All Violence rally.

Hamilton County, according to a just-released survey from the Public Religion Research Institute, is slightly less religiously diverse than the average county in the country.

In what the organization calls "the most comprehensive resource available on religious diversity in America," the average county score - based on a scale where 0 is a complete lack of diversity and 1 is complete diversity - is 0.625.

Hamilton County, meanwhile, has a score of 0.577 but is the second most diverse county in the metropolitan region. Whitfield County, Ga., with a score of 0.646, is the most diverse county while Dade County, Ga., with a score of 0.412, is the least diverse in the region.

Yet, Hamilton is the least diverse of the four largest counties in the state. Of those, Davidson (0.705) is the most diverse, followed by Shelby (0.604)