Dear Abby: Relationship with daughter seems superficial at best


DEAR ABBY: My wife and I were divorced six years ago. Our 26-year-old daughter has always been close to her mother and my former in-laws. When my ex and I separated, she was 20. When we divorced a year later, she sided with her mother, which I expected. Since the divorce, I have seen my daughter only at Christmas and on Father's Day. She does not visit me or communicate with me otherwise.

I have continued to be open and generous with her, and she sends me a list of items I can choose for her birthday and Christmas. I have bought her the jewelry, electronics and other higher-end items she requested. She doesn't seem to want my involvement in her life unless it satisfies her material desires.

Should I continue to be so generous with her because she's my daughter, or does a time come when it needs to end? I would hate to lose her, but it is obvious that she has let me go.