My Chattanooga: All roads lead to the Scenic City

Well, apparently our secret is out.

People across America are realizing that Tennessee, or more specifically Chattanooga, is one of the most desirable places to live in America.

U-Haul recently told customers planning to come to Tennessee "take a number and get in line." A company press release reported: "The Volunteer State posted the largest net gain of U-Haul trucks crossing its borders in 2020, making it the No. 1 U-Haul growth state for the first time." U-haul said the biggest gains were in Middle and East Tennessee.

A fair number of those U-haul vehicles were no doubt headed to Chattanooga, home of world-class scenery, an emerging outdoors culture, lower taxes and a median home price of just $270,000 (inside the city limits).

Everywhere you go in Chattanooga you'll see new faces from other places. Whether it's former New York City comedians doing shows at the Bode hotel downtown or a former California-based mechanic turning wrenches at the Porsche dealership off I-75.

The "My Chattanooga" 2022 edition has been prepared for people looking to move across town or across the country. If you don't plan to move, we've also included attractions and restaurant recommendations so you can make more efficient use of your leisure time.

In this book you'll find facts, figures and photos on 21 communities. We've included such useful info as commute times, home prices, iconic restaurants and shopping destinations. New this year are a collection of news headlines from each community, along with traditional school listings and health-care resources.

Chattanooga is much more than the 423 area code, it's a collection of towns, cities and communities that all have different vibes and tribes.

So, whether you are looking to relocate (or just relax), keep My Chattanooga on our coffee table all through the year until we meet in these pages again in 2023.

- Mark Kennedy