A few questions about stadium project and more letters to the editors

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A few questions about stadium project

A friend and I were discussing the new baseball stadium project. A few comments:

1) Why has the foundry property been an undeveloped eyesore for nearly 20 years? Maybe the developers who bought the site were waiting for scrap prices to go up. If our public servants were so concerned with image, why wasn't the site condemned and at least the buildings taken down.

2) Assuming the project will proceed, who will be responsible for cost overruns? It's hard to imagine the stadium as visualized being built one to three years out at or under budget.

3) Is a 30-year lease with the Lookouts for the new stadium out of the question? This of course would match the life of the proposed bond issue.

4) What is to be done with AT&T Field? Will it sit empty for 20 years like the foundry site? Will the ballpark be torn down, and if so who will be in charge of that project and who will benefit?

Just asking for a curious friend.