Dear Abby: Father lies regularly to keep kids in line


DEAR ABBY: My parents are divorced. My father, who I'm sure loves me in his own way, is super controlling and manipulative. He wasn't nice to my older siblings, either. He constantly lied and blamed others for his abusive behavior, which made me hate them. He constantly claimed Mom cheated on him and said my siblings were horrible kids.

When I was a child, I believed him. But as I grew older, I started seeing through his lies. He still tries to do it. He also uses his approval as a weapon to make me feel guilty and do what he wants. For example, he's very religious, and he told me often that if I wasn't religious, he'd stop loving me just as easily as he loves me.

I just want to live my life, but I know if I do, he'll cut me off and keep my younger siblings from communicating with me.