Pastor Bo: In praise of a ladies meeting and the lady of the meeting

While all churches rightfully have their own unique flavor, I suppose the hymn books, King James Bibles, male pastor, male deacons and regular lighting gives mine away as a traditional kind of church. As such, about 50 weeks out of the year, my wife/church secretary comes and asks me how I want something done, and then she sees to it exactly the way I ask. But about those other two weeks ...

Being the Mad Hatter, complete with the huge orange eyebrows, outfit and mannerisms, was definitely unique for me, as was last year when I was Captain America, complete with the shield and outfit; years past in which I have been such characters as Ahasuerus, "famous Christian rapper" Yo-Yo Samson and other unique figures along the way.

Sept. 10 is rapidly approaching, which this year is the date of our annual ladies meeting.