Please tackle terrible traffic and more letters to the editors

Please tackle terrible traffic

As a resident of Lookout Valley for 11 years now, I have seen it become more difficult to commute to downtown and beyond. There are only two direct ways to go, on I-24 or Cummings Highway around Lookout Mountain. When traffic slows or stops on I-24, folks start taking Exit 174 onto Cummings Highway, so it gets backed up within minutes.

I have a suggestion that might help. We need a big sign over the junction of Broad Street and Cummings Highway, and another near the Cummings Highway and Browns Ferry Road junction, clearly stating the height of the shorter of the two rail overpasses. I think all of us who live out here have been in the situation where we have inched down the mountain, courteously allowed traffic to merge to one lane before reaching the overpass near the Browns Ferry intersection, just to have a truck put on the brakes just as he gets to the overpass, unable to fit.

Secondly, where is traffic control in this situation? I have yet to see traffic control officers directing traffic to allow those of us coming down the mountain onto Broad Street. There is traffic control to assist entry into the nearby school but we need assistance feeding onto Broad as well. This shouldn't be rocket science.

June Gadberry

Fearing GOP will back Trump in 2024

Trump finally went over the cliff by calling for the Constitution to be suspended so that the 2020 election can be overturned. His followers will go right over with him.

First will come indignant repudiations by a few moderate Republicans. Most members of Congress will avoid comment. A few will find a way to disagree with the idea and express doubt that Trump really meant that.

There will be outright denials and indignant claims he was taken out of context or that he was being facetious. A few bold commentators will say that we have no other choice, that as much as we love the Constitution, we have been put in this position by the evil Democrats. Mainstream Republicans will keep silent.

The controversy will die down before most Trump supporters ever knew he said this. Trump will be the Republican nominee and the 2024 president-elect, swearing on the Bible to uphold the Constitution.

Please, please, prove me wrong.

Herbert K. Lea

Chickamauga, Ga.

Man's 'best friends' need our help

There is a no-kill animal shelter in Jamestown, Tenn., that is in desperate need of help to stay open. Two women run Best Friends Sanctuary and have given their lives to saving God's creatures. The shelter is in Fentress County, one of the state's poorest. As with most animal shelters, they need our help.

This shelter is the only hope many of these animals have.

As a native of Fentress County and a U.S. Army retiree (Fort Campbell), I urge you to help. Any amount of support would be appreciated; anything will make a world of difference (funds, pet food or forever homes).

The holidays, a time of hope and love, are upon us. Many of us will enjoy a great meal with our loved ones; let's make sure these animals get the love they deserve. The shelter's website is God bless you.

Valerie Richards

Clarksville, Tenn.

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