Where to buy ethical food, clothing and home goods

Various clothes made from ethical materials hang on hanger. Shop with recycled textiles and clothing. Concept of sustainable fashion, green technologies. Store with eco products. Vector illustration

Consumers are evolving to become more mindful of what they buy.

Since 2014, sustainable product sales have increased by nearly 20%, according to a global Nielsen report. A third of consumers say they're willing to pay 25% more for such products - while Gen Zers say they'll pay 50-100% more - according to a 2019 Computer Generated Solutions survey.

The purpose-driven shopper seems to be inspired by several events, from the minimalist movement to concerns over climate change and environmental degradation - and even in response to the pandemic. In a 2020 global survey by management consultancy firm Accenture, 60% of respondents reported having made more ethical purchases since the start of the pandemic.

As the trend gains momentum, there are now more ways than ever to be a conscientious consumer. Here are a few tips.