First Things First: How to keep intimacy strong in your marriage

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Marriage can be a wonderful experience when both spouses are connected and headed in the same direction. Life can be beautiful when you walk side by side, working together. But marriage isn't always this way.

My wife and I recently celebrated 18 years of marriage, and we haven't always been on the same page. But we've learned having a happy, healthy marriage takes intentionality and commitment. And it requires a healthy level of intimacy. It's important to keep intimacy strong in your marriage.

Let me clarify what is meant by the word intimacy. Intimacy is not sex, although that's part of it. Intimacy is so much more! It's the close connection you have with another person. It's feeling comfortable around your partner. It's communicating your needs and feelings. It's appreciating each other for who you are, not what you do or bring to the relationship.