The Rant

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I will gladly surrender my guns when there are no longer any criminals to harm me or mine.

Biden can win in 2024 if he issues an executive order not allowing Trump to run because of his involvement in the "insurrection."

Larry Arnn, education advisor to Gov. Bill Lee, forgot to mention that the "dumbest part" of his Christian college has his name on the door.

Biden says there should be a ban on assault weapons; he is right.

Ron Hart summed it up: "In a recent poll, 86% of Americans say the country is going in the wrong direction - the other 14% are in government steering."

So once again we are dependent internationally for oil, gas, baby formula, drugs. Way to go, Joe. Make America Weak Again.

Seriously. White supremacist Republicans are actually accusing the left of being KKK. Classic projection. They learned it from Trump.

Navarro says Pence committed treason against Trump for not joining his scam. Guess what, Pete, treason is against a government, not an individual.

Conservatives think even a minor burden on buying a rifle designed for military use is an abomination compared to preventing even one massacre of children.

The U.S. Supreme Court is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federalist Society and the Vatican.

The "British Trump" (hair included), Boris Johnson, was forced to resign - too many scandals.

Republican politicking: admire violent language and action in politics and address gun violence by waiting decades or centuries to change our culture of violence.

Bully boy Trump is being convicted daily in the court of public opinion - the Jan. 6 hearings. Dreams of a comeback smashed like the Capitol windows.

Can't get laws passed, won't enforce existing laws. All Joe does is give away money to buy votes. It's got to end. He's bankrupting our country.

Devilish evangelical priests preaching an evil Trumpist gospel are making poor old Jesus look like a fool.

The mayor's plan for the distribution of the $30M in taxpayer money is the same thing we've been doing for 30 years. Just Wokespeak.

Southside Stadium ... "If you build it, they will come!"

Too many EPB commercials; lower our rates, instead, to prove how wonderful you are!

Using the Wheland Foundry site for the new Lookouts stadium gets rid of a non-taxpaying eyesore.

Glad you voted for Weston Wamp? He is already smarter than everyone about the baseball stadium and the Southside. Looking forward to four years of this?

The lottery is a big corporate tax on the poorest sectors of society - justly deserved if gambling is a choice.

Why save for retirement when the value of the Biden dollar deteriorates daily?

For the first time in my 68 years of life, I am seeing network TV movies have more commercial time than actual movie, every hour. Greedy.

I guess Clay Bennett still thinks Donald Trump is president because I'm still waiting for a Biden cartoon!

I served in the National Guard 24 years, and any soldier refusing (disobeying a order) to get the COVID vaccine should be discharged.

Whatever happened to: "It's 10 p.m. Do you know where you children are?"

Chattanoogans, you make me proud! You must have heard me! Your rants are fresher and more interesting. Keep it up!

My kind of people are kind.