The Rant

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Thank you, Nashville, for passing the Tennessee Safe Haven Law in 2001. It warms my heart!

If what is happening in America, indeed the world, does not make you mentally, physically ill, there is something wrong with you. Better find Christ, now.

All I do under Biden is count my losses: personally, corporately, nationally. Sad state of affairs. Just what poor leadership gives us all.

Hey Magaheads, don't fret. Trump did build that wall. He's named Joe Manchin.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott wants to sunset Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He is worth $300 million. Remember that when you vote.

Between December 2020 and mid-May 2022 (per the CDC), more than 82 million doses of COVID vaccine were discarded. Now how much did taxpayers pay?

Right wing: Wrong on guns, taxes for the rich, COVID vaccines, climate change, IRS funding, Iraq, Trump and abortions. We should call them: "wrong wing."

The amount of federal money the county and city are now throwing around? Think of it as the amount of money your 401k has lost this year. Happy about that exchange?

Supreme Court should make all amputations illegal. God gave us our limbs, and we should be forced to keep them, no matter what.

Biden, ever the politician, has historically flip-flopped on abortion more than a struggling fish. Seems to me his britches are again ablaze.

Mass shootings are a "virus," and the "vaccine" is one dose of banning assault rifles.

Gov. Lee, how much did Hillsdale pay you to sit there with your mouth shut while the president called our teachers dumb?

Joe Wingate's spot-on comment on a school board condemnation resolution: "I'm just not interested in a political moment. I'm just not."

Are you not amazed that we have billions sitting around to send to Ukraine? Oh, I forgot. Joe just prints more money. See inflation.

I will replace my gasoline-powered vehicles with EVs when Congress and the people pushing Green New Deal fly in electric powered airplanes.

Could the fact "TVA lags other utilities in the South in turning to the sun for power" be the utility's longer history and experience in knowing what works?

Think why vultures are able to eat rotten flesh and still thrive every day. We, as a people, are going to learn how ... same thing.

Hmm ... country-wide power shortages because of heat wave. Let's plug in a few million electric cars. That'll help!

Steve Bannon needs to get a haircut.

The real root cause of violence? Broken families. The root cause of gun violence? A failing criminal justice system coupled with an anti- police culture.

Were there a few skeptics when the Tennessee Aquarium was suggested 30-plus year ago? You bet, and now look at our beautiful waterfront!

Not sure which I find more irksome: the silly truck clapping commercial or the simple fact that so many drivers in Chattanooga choose to not use their turn signals.

Someone should warn that when feeding squirrels, mice, rats and chipmunks will follow.

Contraception is greater than rejection.

Thanks to our public library for all it does. With a budget of $7 million a year, I expect good things.

The "eyesore" excuse on the foundry/stadium site is only because the developers didn't remove old structures for 22 years, making Chattanooga look bad.

Could "Ranters" please write about Chattanooga instead of politics always? How about litter, running red lights. Anything for making Chattanooga a better place.