Wise words on defensive driving and more letters to the editors

Wise words on defensive driving

Many years ago, as a high school junior in Ohio, I took a driver's education class. The instructor, Nelson Lauless, emphasized defensive driving. As I see how many people drive today, and Chattanooga, where I lived for over 40 years, is far from the worst, I often think about that class. I have never forgotten two quotes Mr. Lauless used many times:

1. "An accident is always the fault of the person who had the last clear chance to avoid it." (I witnessed this once in Chattanooga.)

2. "It's poor consolation to look up from a hospital bed and say, 'I had the right-of-way'."

Let us all emulate these wise words.

Glenn Swygart

Winchester, Tenn.

Flowers, Gormans earned respect

My appreciation and respect go to Marcus Flowers, and Meg and Allison Gorman. They put themselves out there to stand up to the local ReTrumplicans who still believe, and worse, promulgate the lies about the 2020 election. I wish I could have voted in both states.

I fear for the direction our country is headed and pray that there will always people willing to publicly stand up for values on which this country was founded, as they did.

Cathy Dreger

We expect too little of leaders

No matter who it was you were rooting for in the elections Tuesday, you must feel a real sense of loss. That is not so much from who did win or lose, as that these were the candidates we were stuck with having to choose from. American standards in so many things, including its leadership, have plummeted over recent years. We need to be demanding far more from all of these losers we keep putting and trying to put in office.

While politicians so often distract us with this or that somewhat lesser controversy which affects some people, they get away with really huge things that affect us all.

Our country is being run over at our Southern border while we defend instead only Ukraine's sovereignty, for instance. Or we scrutinize each Republican's pro-life stance and overlook their views on a person being paid even a basic living wage that they (and their family) can even survive on. These wolves pull the wool over our eyes time and time again and yet we never learn to be demanding of them as we should.

Will Lance

Country's future is truly uncertain

I completely fail to understand the world I now live in, people who hear the issues of the day, the promises of candidates, then vote for those who will not address issues important to our lives today. Things such as gun control, our worsening climate, extending the Trump tax bill to the very rich and to large corporations, those who take from our nation, but do not contribute their fair share. Some of these politicians have promised to do away with Social Security that people have contributed to all their working years.

This party has worked very hard to deny voting rights to some. Voting rights are a right and privilege for all citizens of America, yet they will not allow such a bill protecting those rights.

They support those who perpetrate lies and conspiracies. Numerous candidates have promised, if elected, to take steps that will destroy our democratic way of life.

Even now, as cowards, they have promised to withdraw support from Ukraine.

This is a partial list of things that scare me for the future of my beloved country.

Lois Whitehead