The Rant

The Electoral College is a cruel joke that can overturn the will of the people. It should be abolished.

Trump peaked when he lost to Clinton by 3 million votes, stumbled to 0-2 when Biden buried him by 7 million. Roger Stone is right.

Say all you want about IQs, but unlike Biden, MTG and Lauren Boebert know "Made in America" is three words, not two.

Interesting that Republicans are almost as outraged by Biden's obvious lies as Democrats were about Trump's exaggerations.

When we can no longer afford our necessities "living paycheck to paycheck," should we start using our children's credit cards? Anyone see the analogy here?

Surely the Republicans can give us better choices to vote for.

Mr. Biden: You cannot tax an economy into prosperity. The Hoover and Roosevelt administrations attempted this from 1929-1939.

Republicans don't care how unqualified Herschel Walker is as a candidate for the Senate because they just want to control the Senate.

I hope I am wrong, but with each day I more and more am convinced that Joe Biden is the personification of Humpty Dumpty.

Have Republicans even considered how Herschel Walker would function as a U.S. senator?

Tennessee is now third in the nation in gun violence. You can thank Gov. Lee. Tell him "no" to a second term. Vote.

What is spiritual about Democrats promoting fetal homicide, increased access to psychoactive agents, racism (against whites), sexism (against men) and atheism? Nothing.

Turns out, no one is in federal prison for marijuana possession only. So Joe's mandate is smoke and mirrors. Sounds big, does nothing. Typical.

Checked your retirement account lately? Your credit card balance? Crime stats in your neighborhood? Illegal immigrant and drug stats? Vote accordingly.

When is the cancel culture going to try and get Columbus Day canceled?

Sad to say, since Russia can't beat the Ukrainian Army, it is attacking and killing Ukrainian citizens.

Never heard any child say they wanted to write prescription drug TV commercials when they grow up. Where do these people come from?

Hey, Post Office, find another way to lock your boxes. Handicapped people can't just walk inside to hand you mail.

Kanye West/Ye, everybody in America saw Officer Derek Chauvin kneel on George Floyd's neck on television. You should stick to singing.

Very good thinking, Mayor Kelly, to convert an inn for affordable housing using American Rescue Plan federal dollars. Lord knows we need it.

What will the real estate vultures do when every square inch of Chattanooga is filled with expensive housing that most of us can't afford?

Why can't mass murders in schools be classified as federal crimes? Maybe these shooters can be sentenced to death for their crimes then.

Hey elected officials, when are you going to pick up your campaign signs?

Silverdale Baptist, what would Jesus do?

We can launch a missile and change the direction of an asteroid, but we cannot synchronize the traffic signals in Chattanooga.

Smackdown at the county courthouse. Bet Chattanooga's City Hall is breathing a sigh of relief that attention has been turned away from its own turnover.

Was "home cooking" the reason for Tennessee's win over Alabama? Alabama had 17 penalties and Tennessee had 6.

Not today, Saban.

My, my. The Hamilton County Commission and county mayor are at it. Some of the best video to watch in awhile.