Fleischmann, it’s time for you to go and more letters to the editors

Fleischmann, it's time for you to go

I went to vote recently. Imagine my surprise to see Chuck Fleischmann's name on the ballot. I had no idea he was running again. How are we to know? He never responds to emails or phone calls from voters. If he visits the area, he never makes that known in advance, nor does he make any effort to meet with voters. He did not debate his primary [or general election] opponent. Does he think he has a lock on the job?

He has bragged of his work on the Chickamauga lock re-build. But the job isn't done. That is hardly a recommendation.

He voted against capping the price of insulin, although thousands must struggle to pay the cost of that medicine. He voted against efforts to constrain gun manufacturers on the availability of assault rifles. He voted against providing tax relief to the working/middle classes but supported Trump's tax bill that inflated our deficit.

Fleischmann has shown himself to be a lapdog who does what he's told, with no regard for the majority of people in his district. He works for his party, not us.

It is time for Fleischmann to leave.

Katheryn A. Thompson

Soddy-Daisy needs emergency room

Soddy-Daisy desperately needs an emergency room. Primary care offices and urgent care clinics cannot take its place.

On May 12, 2022, I woke up with what I thought was heartburn. While taking my great nephew to school, my symptoms seemed to get worse. After I dropped him off, I remembered a doctor on Old Dayton Pike. I walked in, told them I was having chest pains and might be having a heart attack. I was shocked when I was asked if I had an appointment. I was told urgent care would open at 8 and I could go there. I knew I couldn't wait.

I drove to Erlanger North, where they treated me immediately. Eventually, I was transferred to CHI Memorial. As soon as I arrived, I was rushed to the cath lab. I did have a heart attack and several blockages. I was in the hospital for five days.

I have thankfully recovered, but it would have been better to have an emergency room in Soddy-Daisy, not 25 minutes away. What if I hadn't made it? I know I'm not unique, but I'm wondering how many didn't make that drive. Please approve this emergency room.

Anna Sue Taylor


Red Bank group makes its picks

The Red Bank citizens' group Save Red Bank Central Park endorses Hollie Berry (District 1), Lawrence Miller (District 3) and Hayes Wilkinson (At Large) for the positions of Red Bank commissioners in the Nov. 8 election.

The authority and opportunity to decide the fate of this property will be in the hands of the new board of commissioners. Based on the six candidates' responses to a recent questionnaire -- plus other public statements, platform planks and actions -- the group concludes Berry, Miller and Wilkinson are the candidates most supportive of permanently saving all 12 acres of the old Red Bank Middle School property in public ownership for the public good.

The citizens' group was formed in 2021 with a mission to: 1) stop the city's attempted quiet sale of the 3715 Dayton Blvd. property; and 2) formally dedicate the property permanently as an epic public park that will reinvigorate our city and provide long-term economic and cultural benefits for its people.

Don McKenzie