The Matchbox Drive-Thru in LaFayette, Georgia, specializes in spur-of-the-moment weddings

Staff photo by Olivia Ross / Margaret Hall stands outside of wedding venue, Matchbox Drive-Thru, on May 24, 2022. The venue offers a unique, economical way of getting married.

When bicoastal celebrities Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez flew to Las Vegas to be married in mid-July, they could have headed in a more southerly direction for their drive-thru wedding.

Downtown LaFayette, Georgia, is home to The Matchbox Drive-Thru, a boutique wedding venue that offers drive-thru nuptials among its services for prospective brides and grooms. Couples also may opt for an indoor ceremony provided the guest list is minimal. The canopied, gray brick building was most recently home to an ice cream shop and years before that, the full-service filling station that gives the venue its distinctive architecture.

"It's a very small wedding venue," says owner Margaret Hall, whose right-arm tattoo of a bluebird and a box of matches is the same design as the neon sign that advertises her business.