What constitutes ‘authentic’ chili? Plus where to get a bowl in Chattanooga

Staff photo by Matt Hamilton / A bowl of chili at Urban Stack on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

It won't be long before Chattanoogans are ready for the first real taste of autumn weather -- cool temperatures, lower humidity and beautiful clear skies. Then magically, it will be time for chili weather, an opportunity not to be missed.

Before long, chili pots will be simmering away with the tomatoey mixture. But at Urban Stack, chili is so popular, the pot simmers yearround, says Anthony Harney, operating partner.

"We call it the Three Little Pigs chili because we use three kinds of pork -- chorizo, ground pork and bacon -- plus ground beef, two kinds of beans, onions, green peppers and a spice mix using owners Mike and Taylor Monen's recipe. Three Little Pigs chili is sold in bowls, but also used as a topper for the North Carolina Chili Cheeseburger and the Urban Nachos.