Peach Cobbler Factory in Dalton testing banana pudding shakes

Contributed Photo by Peach Cobbler Factory / The Dalton Peach Cobbler Factory began testing Pudd-N-Shakes based on the 12 banana pudding varieties the franchise offers. It is one of eight locations testing the new product.

The Peach Cobbler Factory store in Dalton, Georgia, began selling milkshakes based on the 12 pudding flavors it sells as part of a test for the fast-growing chain this week.

Started in 2013, the chain has grown to 15 stores, which all offer 12 different cobblers, 12 banana puddings and a half dozen cinnamon roll flavors. The company is testing whether buyers will also like Pudd-n-Shakes, and Dalton store co-owner Anna Carpenter said by phone on Thursday that she is one of eight franchise owners who serve on an advisory council for the company and that each store owned by the council members will be offering the shakes beginning Thursday.

"We will be testing them. and if people like them, we will add them to the rest of the stores," she said.