5-at-10: Friday mailbag on everything from NFL picks to throne humor to Trump's threats

Morning friends. Happy Friday.

To the business.

Rushmore of TV Westerns: “Bonanza,” “Gunsmoke,” “Lone Ranger” and I include “Yellowstone” because of my age, but I know some won’t.

Rushmore of Francis: Francis Scott Key, Frances McDormand, Frances Bavier (aka Aunt Bea) and Francis Ford Coppola. (Left out the Franks and with all apologies to former Falcons wide out Wallace Francis, star tight end Russ Francis and France’s penchant to surrender.)

Rushmore of songs with ‘day’ in the title: Wow, this one was tough. “Happy Birthday” has to be there. “Tuesday’s Gone” by Skynyrd. “Yesterday” by The Beatles. And “Sunday Morning Coming Down” by The Man in Black. Wow, that leaves a lot on the table.

Rushmore of most-hated cartoon characters ever: Caillou, Scrappy Doo, The Great Gazoo and Dora the Explorer. 

Here’s Paschall on 50 years of night games at Neyland, and it comes with some of the best prime time affairs involving the Big Orange.