Opinion: Metrics may tag Tennessee as an unhappy state, but we don't have to be unhappy in it

Staff Photo By Matt Hamilton / Fans cheer as Briston Maroney performs on the Iris Stage on the first day of the Moon River music festival earlier this month at Coolidge Park.

The list makers have again judged Tennessee to be one of the 10 least happy states in the country.

In WalletHub's annual ranking of the happiest states, just out, the financial services website listed us 43rd. And we have escaped the bottom quintile of states only a couple of times in the last 10 years.

We're unhappy about that, darn it.

Other listings over the past 10 years haven't been much kinder. Tennessee has hovered at the higher (better) end of the bottom 10 of states. One happiness-type survey, the Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index, had us all the way up to 29th in 2017 and 38th in 2016. But those years were rare.

So, is it something we said? Something we did?

We'll admit to being suckers for these kind of lists: Most charitable state, richest state, worst state economy, most educated state, best cities for your skin, state with the worst dental health.