Walden mayor questions new grocery store plan

Staff photo by Mike Pare / A portion of the 25-acre Lines Orchids property in Walden is shown in this May 13, 2022, photo. A developer is proposing a grocery store with housing, retail and restaurant space.

Walden's mayor said Wednesday that a new proposal by a developer to build a mixed-use village center with a grocery store in the town is "substantially the same" as a plan turned back last year.

Mayor Lee Davis, in a letter to residents of the mountaintop town, raised questions about how the developer will handle sewage, traffic, and stormwater.

"We welcome a proposal from the developer that is consistent with our land-use plan," Davis said. "A proposal that complies with the town center concept of Walden will be met with support. However, a proposal that simply attempts to circumvent our Walden land-use plan will not."

SE Capital Partners is proposing the $20 million village center at Taft Highway and Timesville Road on the former Lines Orchids Greenhouse property, which it wants to purchase.