How to make the Monty Hugo, one Chattanooga restaurant’s version of the Hugo Spritz

Photos by Matt Hamilton / General manger Mary Halford mixes the Monty Hugo cocktail at Hello Monty.
Photos by Matt Hamilton / General manger Mary Halford mixes the Monty Hugo cocktail at Hello Monty.

If you're looking for a refreshing summer cocktail that's relatively easy to make, look no further than the Hugo Spritz.

Combining prosecco, elderflower liqueur, mint and lime, this zesty and bright Italian appertif is perfect for sipping on sunny days.

The Monty Hugo at Hello Monty is a local version of the drink, with a twist. The restaurant adds Lillet Blanc, a French wine-based aperitif with honey and citrus flavors, to the cocktail's typical mix of sparkling wine, elderflower and lime.

"The drink was inspired by a regular who had spent time on the Italian-Austrian border," restaurant co-owner Rob Gentry says of the Monty Hugo, which is based on the Hugo cocktail that originated in the South Tyrol region of Italy near the Austrian border.

The drink is perfect for sipping or serving to guests while you prepare dinner on the grill, and it pairs perfectly with Hello Monty's backyard cookout-themed menu.

"It goes great with our crispy brussels and grilled shrimp skewer," says Gentry, who also likes how refreshing the cocktail is in the summer heat.

The content creators on TikTok agree. We discovered the Hugo while browsing social media for new recipes recently, noticing that a good number of people mentioned that they were sipping on this drink while chopping up cucumbers and such for their summer salads.

Here's how to make the Monty Hugo from Hello Monty.

What you need:

2 fresh mint leaves

¼ ounce elderflower syrup

1 ounce Lillet Blanc


Sparkling white wine (Hello Monty uses Chic Barcelona Brut, a Spanish cava, or sparkling wine)


Sliced lemon/lime wheels

What you do:

* "Wake" the flavors of the mint by slapping the leaves together, then add to glass.

* Layer lemon/lime wheels on top.

* Pour in elderflower syrup and Lillet Blanc.

* Add ice.

* Stir to combine.

* Top with a splash of sparkling wine and a splash of soda. 


  photo  Staff photo by Matt Hamilton/ The ingredients for the Monty Hugo cocktail at Hello Monty are elderflower syrup, Lillet Blanc, ice, mint, lemon, lime and Chic Barcelona Cava Brut.