Check out this vibrant and colorful painting by Adrienne Powell of Chattanooga’s Walnut Street Bridge

Bridge One by Adrienne Powell
Bridge One by Adrienne Powell

Artist: Adrienne Powell

Medium: Golden Fluid Acrylic on Gessoed Wood Panel

Adrienne Powell had no experience in painting whatsoever until, in 2021, she began taking online painting classes with local artist Ali Kay. Within just a month of classes, Powell decided that she was ready to challenge herself to do a real painting of her own.

A Chattanooga native, she finds beauty in the Walnut Street Bridge and knew that she wanted to portray it in her artwork. Powell often paints from photographs, and this painting was based on a photo of the walking bridge at dawn. The colorful background shows the sunrise. She says she likes to capture different perspectives and moments.

"I prefer golden fluid acrylics on a gessoed wood panel, beginning with a complementary wash and ending with a top coat mixed with medium for transparency," Powell says. "Adding bright color contrasts is my favorite part of painting. As a new artist, I always experiment with different techniques to learn and grow."

Powell regularly sells prints, stickers and puzzles of her paintings at gift shops along Frazier Avenue and around the North Shore. Next time you're out shopping, stop by Locals Only, Plum Nelly or Charlotte's Web to pick up one of her pieces.

To see more of Powell's work, check out her website,, or follow her on Instagram, @adriennechattart, on Facebook (Adrienne's Art) or visit one of the shops above.

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