EPB employee 'misused' company's Twitter account

EPB employee 'misused' company's Twitter account

July 22nd, 2019 by Staff Report in Breaking News

A screenshot of the "unauthorized" EPB post from Sunday

A screenshot of the "unauthorized" EPB post from...

EPB released a statement Monday afternoon relating to recent social media posts that raised questions.

EPB officials said their Twitter account, @EPB_Chattanooga, had not been hacked but that an employee "misused" the account. 

"Following an investigation, we have determined that an employee misused EPB's Twitter account to make unauthorized posts," the company states. "As soon as we discovered the issue, we removed the comments and took other steps to clarify the situation. All appropriate action has been taken to deal with this matter decisively. We deeply regret the questions and concerns this situation has caused."

The company said all of their systems remain secure. 

The "unauthorized post" was a reply to a tweet on Sunday that asked "If churches don't pay taxes, why do they have any say in our government?"

The unauthorized post stated: "Politicians need the church to help spread fear in order to advance agendas. Religion is fear based, ancient fairy tales were created to foster obedience under threat of 'consequences' of non-obedience. Offering tax-free status is a kickback for services of mass obedience."