5-at-10: Friday mailbag on me saying dumb things, the Braves' announcers and trade piece, draft thoughts and suits, Rushmores and drafting Eastwood movies

5-at-10: Friday mailbag on me saying dumb things, the Braves' announcers and trade piece, draft thoughts and suits, Rushmores and drafting Eastwood movies

June 21st, 2019 by Jay Greeson in Breaking News
Jay Greeson

Jay Greeson

Photo by Dan Henry /Times Free Press.

From JCS

Did you really say this week on Press Row that backup QBs deserved to be in the Hall of Fame? You've said some dumb things but that may be the dumbest. It's a good thing Wells and David carry you on the show.

Do you think before you speak?



We'll take the second part first.

No, "not normally" about thinking before you speak. That's part of my charm. At least that's what my momma always told me.

This email made me think how many folks hear just bits and pieces of random parts of the radio show and think, "What in the world ... "

We were discussing Josh McCown, who had 16 years as a perpetual NFL backup. It was a conversation of specialists — be they relief pitchers, pinch-hitters, kickers, and, yes, backup quarterbacks — and the value of them in their field.

And yes, we had a brief conversation of an exhibit or a place for the best backup QBs, but not actual induction for McCown or Frank Reich or June Jones or any of the rest. (Although McCown threw for way more yards — 17,707 to 14,686 — than Hall of Famer Sid Luckman.)

Anyway, thanks for listening.


From Spy

Anyhoo, they showed a graphic last night comparing CC Sabathia, now with 250 wins and 3,000 strikeouts, or the same as Bryce Harper has this season, against Steve Carlton and Randy Johnson. Carlton and Big Unit's numbers are far and away better than CC's.

So is CC a Hall of Famer in five years? And would you bunt against him as often as you could (unless you were Max Scherzer) to get a hit and then to hear him whine about people bunting against him?


Spy -

It will be close, and I can see each side.

Sabathia, in an era when clubs go to the bullpen way more often and earlier, has hit a rare wins plateau. Not unlike 3,000 hits, 300 wins is going to be tougher and tougher to get to as long as the game moves away from hitting for average and lengthy starts.

Of active players, only CC and Justin Verlander (213) have more than 200 career Ws.

Sabathia does have a Cy Young on his resume, and the 3,000 Ks are another nice resume line item.

Still, I view him more as a compiler than a true Hall of Famer. Can I see including him? Kind of.

But you know me. I'm not a supporter of the Hall of Very Good or even the Hall of Great.

I want these dudes to warrant being in the Hall of Fame. And the ultimate decider for me is, "If you have to ponder when asked whether someone deserves to be in the Hall, then the answer is no."    


From Chas

Jay — Did the Mrs. 5 declare a winner in the best suit at the draft category? If you saw the suits worn by UK players, do you and she agree they need to be dressed by somebody else?
Gary Parrish gives the Okeke pick a D. Do you agree with me that it was a bit high, but not as bad as a D?


Chas -

Lots to choose from in the suits category, to be honest.

First, when did the pants above the ankles become a thing? I know for a fact you would have been mocked for that back in the day when I a) cared about fashion and b) wore a suit to something other than a wedding, funeral or Easter service.

I loved the Zion laid-back "I love Miami Vice" look. (And his raw emotions were pretty cool, too.)

I also liked the kid from Indiana who had the Hoosiers colors inside his jacket. Well-played sir. Well-played indeed.

Not as big a fan of the Bol Bol Spiderman treatment. And Ja Morant's dad may have a poster of LaVar Ball in his locker. How about that hat? Pimps gonna pimp, I guess.

As for the Chuma Okeke pick and grade, I can understand it for two reasons.

First, for a team like the Magic, that needs players and contributors now, taking a player who likely will not be ready until after the All-Star break at the earliest is kind of a head-scratcher.

And because of that, the only thing we can even remotely grade in the hours and days after a draft is value, and even that is perceived.

But if all the chatter had Chuma as an early second-rounder, taking him at 16 is the opposite of value.

That said, when he's healthy, his game translates very well to the modern NBA. He's 6-8, very athletic, can defend multiple spots and was a good college 3-point shooter.

That package — if healthy — is good value at almost any spot.


From MH

What is your problem with the netting? Why would you not want something that is more safe for fans? You can be a really big insensitive jerk some times!!!!


MH -

We normally do not answer a question with a question, but this time I think it is warranted. Do you think these nets about safety or baseball covering its tuckus in terms of PR and liability in lawsuits?

Because think of the parts in around the game — and in sports in general — that bring the safety questions into play.

There were more deaths from folks drinking and driving coming home from ball games or folks fighting while drunk at ball games than foul balls. Or what about the tragic case of the fan who fell trying to catch a ball thrown to him from the Rangers left fielder?

I'm fundamentally against trying to regulate or legislate for the rare extreme.

And sooner or later, this type of reaction will lead us to putting nets up in front of the outfield seats too. Because there will be someone not paying attention in the left field bleachers and Aaron Judge or Kris Bryant will whistle a shot into someone's face and then this conversation will expand.

And you are right — I can be an insensitive jerk sometimes. But all those exclamation points really hammered that point home.  


From Jules

True or False for you Jay: Chip Caray and Jeff Francoeur are the best duo in professional sports!! Yes I'm a homer and I love anyone who loves the Braves, but seriously, who's better? They work so well together, Frenchy looks like he's been at it forever. Chip is worlds better than his Grandad ever was and even a little better than his Dad. It helps that the Braves are winning but they make it so fun.


Jules -


I like Chip more than Harry for the fundamentals, but man, Harry Carey was a born entertainer. "Now batting Sammy Sosa. Hey, that's A-Sose backwards."

He also was not afraid to kick back a Co-Cola or 12 during a broadcast, allegedly. Check out this photo. https://collection.baseballhall.org/PASTIME/harry-caray-photograph-1966-july-09-0

Chip's dad Skip was, shall we say, terse at times. And man did he hate the call-in show. But Skip did give us a couple of renowned calls.

First, there was a time the Hawks were down a million and he said, "Friends, if you promise to patronize our sponsors you have my permission to change the channel." He also delivered the famed "The bases are loaded and so am I."

And when foul balls were hit into the stands and a fan caught it, he always said, "Nice play from that fan from ... " and picked a random Georgia town.

The main thing about your question that I thought was important is how easy and smooth Franceour has transitioned into the booth.

Dude is excellent at this, and who knows how long the Braves will be able to keep him?


From Todd

Mailbag entry. So the Braves are playing fantastic baseball. They already have Camargo on the bench, who played a great third base and is sneaky good at the plate. Now when Inciarte returns, what is his place on this team? I understand keeping Camargo for bench play and his multi-position capabilities, but does Inciarte become trade bait?


Todd -

The reports I saw on Ender Inciarte are not clear on when he may return.

Granted, with Austin Riley killing the ball and the Braves scoring runs at a head-turning rate, his return is not needed.

But sending him to the spring training facility rather than one of the minor league teams seems like he's going to need some work before even getting back into the swing of things.

As for the future, if someone wants Inciarte, you would have to believe the Braves are going to be willing to part with him considering where the offense is and how good defensively Ronald Acuna Jr. is in center.

But for the Braves to make a big move for the type of closer that moves them from NL East front-runner to NL Pennant or World Series contender, then the deal will almost assuredly have to include some of the younger talent and prospects.

Either way, this Braves bunch has been a fun team to follow the last month, no?  


From Paul

If you love the draft so much, why do you do Rushmores on here instead of drafts? Like how would you draft Eastwood movies? Thanks and I love your blog and Press Row.


Paul -

Never really thought of that before to be honest.

And while I love a good draft — you know this — drafting solo is little more than making a list, no?

But if I'm drafting Eastwood movies, well, "The Outlaw Josey Wales" is the top prospect on the board, and the only one that is really close for me is "Unforgiven."

Don't get me wrong, the Eastwood draft is loaded with bona fide starters and several surefire all-stars. But those first two are Hall of Famers in my eyes.


This week's Rushmores

Rushmore of John Goodman roles: Dan Connor, Gale in "Raising Arizona," Coach in "Revenge of the Nerds," and Walter from "The Big Lebowski."

Rushmore of movie pets: "Old Yeller," "Lassie," "Babe" and love the suggestion of "Baxter."

Rushmore of Beatles songs: This one is impossible friends, but we'll start here with "Strawberry Fields Forever," "Let it Be," "Hey Jude" and "A Day in the Life."

Rushmore of animated sequels: "Incredibles 2" was excellent. We'll add "Despicable Me 2," "Monsters University" (which was a sequel and a prequel) and "Shrek 2."

Enjoy the weekend friends.

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