The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department inspects restaurants twice a year and grades the businesses on a 100-point scale. Scores below 70 require corrective action. Restaurants are reinspected if they fail to meet critical standards.

To file a health-related complaint, call the Department of Environmental Health at 423-209-8110. The scores are original and do not reflect on-the-spot changes, which sometimes lead to upward adjustments.


63 Roy's Restaurant

116 Chickamauga Avenue, Rossville, Ga.

Reasons including person in charge unable to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and employees not properly trained in food safety. Raw meats stored touching ready to eat foods in reach-in cooler. Eggs being stored on counter reading at 90 degrees. Gravy, sausage, oatmeal, and grits reading at 77, 85, 90,  and 91 degrees respectively. Chicken salad, pimento cheese, and slaw in reach in cooler without date marking. Wet rages stored out of sanitizer solution beside ice machine. Health inspection report posted that was not up-to-date.


77 Dubs BBQ

221 Timber Knoll Drive

Reasons including staff not familiar with proper hand washing practices. Water was not on. Cold food left at room temperature too long. No screens covering openings on mobile. Staff not washing hands between tasks. Sink not properly supplied water not on and soap dispenser not working. Should not have to plug in extension cord to get water turned on. No hot water. Sanitizer not available. Cole slaw was temping at 69 degrees, should be below 41.


81 Blvd. Smokehouse

3230 Wilcox Blvd.

Reasons including staff not maintaining control of temperatures handling hot and cold food. Hands not washed between handling raw and ready to eat food. No paper towels hand soap not easily available. Fridge not holding below 41 degrees. Need additional space for preparing and holding food to avoid bad storage practices with cleaners.


83 Beef O' Brady's

5958 Snow Hill Road

Reasons including hand-sink by dish machine not operable. Front line cooler holding at 46-47 degrees in lower part of unit. Chemical bottle over food on shelf. Drip coming from walk-in fan unit. Potential for contamination. Gaskets in poor repair, cracked pans in rotation. Lower shelves, rack shelves dirty. Build up on floor around grill. Corrected to 100.


83 La Altena II

8644 East Brainerd Road

Reasons including hot water faucet is turned off at kitchen handwash sink. Dishmachine is dispensing 0ppm chlorine sanitizer when tested multiple times today. Raw shell eggs sitting at room temperature during inspection. Food items uncovered in freezer. Storing sheet pan on top of trash can at cook line. Ice scoop is stored on top of ice machine that is not cleaned routinely. Storing/stacking dishes wet. Black substance on inside top of ice machine. 


86 Waffle House

5466 Highway 153

Reasons including dish machine not reaching 160 degrees dish temperature. Grits holding at125 degrees. Steam table did not have water. Discarded grits and corrected on site. Rusted shelves in reach in cooler. Drain under hand sink draining slow and overflowing. Walk-in cooler floor in poor condition. 


90 The Purple Daisy Picnic Cafe

4001 St Elmo Avenue


90 Dunkin Donuts

3334 Broad Street


92 Krystal

3150 Broad Street


93 Southern Restaurant

7717 Hixson Pike


94 Smoothie King

1700 Broad Street


94 New China

8530 Hixson Pike


94 Ichiban Japanese

5035 Hixson Pike


95 Kentucky Fried Chicken

2501 South Broad Street


96 Common Table

3413 Broad Street


97 Zarzour's Cafe

1627 Rossville Avenue


97 Wood Oven Kitchen

5716 Ringgold Road


98 McAlister's Deli

541 Signal Mountain Road


98 El Metate

1238 Taft Highway


98 Pizzeria Cortile

4400 Dayton Blvd.


99 Chuck E. Cheese

22 Northgate Park


99 Aubrey's 

496 Northgate Mall Drive


100 Pork N Deans Barbeque

2193 Park Drive


100 The Oatmeal Experience

14 Pryor Drive 


100 S & S Shaved Ice

2912 N. Chamberlain Avenue


100 Sourdough Cuppa Joe

6707 Hixson Pike


100 The Bakery

9408 Apison Pike


100 Tastee King Donuts

4627 Highway 58


100 Dad's BBQ Philly Cheese and More

850 N. Orchard Knob Avenue


100 Krystal

307 Cherokee Blvd.


100 Taco Bell

7796 East Brainerd Road


100 Windy City Eatz

1826 Carter Street


100 Uncle Larry's Express

4350 Highway 58


100 Bojangles

4417 Highway 58


100 Stone Cup Cafe

208 Frazier Avenue


100 Fro-Daddy Donuts

102 Windmere Drive 


100 Low Country Cajun Seafood & More

5958 Snowhill Road


— Compiled by Brandi Dixon