I first became acquainted with the North Shore when I moved were a year ago this month. It was close to where I live and it was sold to me as the "hip, cool" part of town. It also reminded me of parts of my hometown and also of parts of Athens, Georgia, where I went to college. Between the boutiques, food and in-laid brass dance steps in the sidewalk, Frazier Avenue has so much to offer that it draws you back over and over. The North Shore is packed from end to end with great attractions, so this month we are focusing on the block of Frazier Avenue east of the Walnut Street Bridge.

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224 Frazier Ave., 531-8490

On a summer-long journey through Europe, my friends and I traveled by train to Dusseldorf, a German city where a friend's boyfriend lived and worked. Caught by a storm while walking to the apartment, our impressions of Germany were so far wet, cold and bland. But waiting for us was an array of German food and hospitality like none other. It's like that at Chattanooga's BrewHaus, where a friendly staff and German comfort food are ublich (normal). Having a go-to spot that is always good makes it easy on me when I can't decide on a place to eat. You can grab a brat, currywurst or schnitzel, but don't pass on the spaetzel, a personal favorite. Shout out to those who double cabbage with a liter of beer. You're bold.

Mia Cucina

345 Frazier Ave, #103, 265-4474

I'm constantly looking for the newest kitchen gadget or upgrade to suit my culinary needs. Without typical cooking supply stores around, I was pleased to wander into Mia Cucina early on in my time here-and I've made several trips back. Where else can I lust over colorful cast iron enamel pieces, out-of-my-pricerange cookware and utensils of all kinds? Of course I need this silicone bowl that squeezes to help you pour out its contents! And don't get me started on the fish-shaped gurgling jugs! Whether you're looking for the basics or trying to find your special cook something extraordinary, Mia Cucina has you covered.

Plum Nelly

330 Frazier Ave., 266-0585

I hope you don't have shopper's fatigue after the holidays, but if you do, stop by Plum Nelly where you'll find new unique items sure to inspire you. From shotgun shell jewelry, to the funky glasses the shop's known for, this spot is a don't miss for me when I'm looking for something special for myself. What? You don't need a cut-out dog to stare at you from your desk? What about some handmade pottery? Every time I return to this store I'm enamored by something new, local and unique it has to offer.

Luxe Boutique

201 Frazier Ave.

When I was walking back to my car I noticed the Coming Soon sign in front of Luxe Boutique was gone and the doors were open, so I walked in as the store's second ever customer. The girls inside were excited to greet me and show me around the renovated space, complete with slate blue walls and rusted lettering, and I became less skeptical of a new boutique opening on the strip. The store features an array of different fashion finds and unique jewelry, as well as shoes and accessories. The mall isn't my favorite place, so I'm happy to add yet another clothing option to the Frazier area.

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