Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

Get ready to up your chef game with minimal effort with our favorite new techy kitchen gadgets. Tasks that once took hours, days and even weeks can now be accomplished with as little as a touch of a button (along with a quick app download).

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ChefSteps' Joule sous vide circulator is the smallest device of its kind, and gives cooks the ability to consistently produce perfect medium-rare steaks using a process in which food is vacuum sealed and cooked in a temperature-controlled water bath. $199 at
some text The Plum
The Plum wine cooler and dispenser serves as a wine preserver and home sommelier, keeping standard 750-milliliter bottles fresh for up to 90 days at each bottle's perfect serving temperature. Access information about a bottle in the Plum, which scans labels with its camera and provides details about the wine from its extensive database through your smartphone. $1,999 at
some text Drop Connected Kitchen Scale
Drop Connected Kitchen Scale's app provides the smart scale's users with hundreds of interactive recipes with step-by-step directions, and also offers handy chef's tools including suggestions for substitute ingredients and recipe rescaling. $52.99 at Walmart
some text Hestan Cue
Never play a guessing game again when choosing a cooking temperature on your stovetop with the Hestan Cue 11-inch smart frying pan and portable smart induction burner, a dream for inept chefs and accomplished foodies alike. The system uses integrated technology to control the cooking process, and the Hestan Cue app provides step-by-step instructions for flawless execution of recipes. $499.95 at
some text PicoBrew
Not satisfied with the selection offered by the Scenic City's plethora of craft breweries? Be proactive with the PicoBrew Pico Pro Automated Craft Beer Home Brewing System. The first automatic, all-grain homebrewing system to hit the market, it basically takes the need for craft out of craft brewing. While creating your own recipe is an option, more than 100 recipes are provided for homebrewing novices. The health-minded can also use the compact device to brew kombucha by inserting a kombucha PicoPak and pressing a button. $799.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond