Cans of Bartles & Jaymes Watermelon & Mint, White Claw Hard Seltzer and Dark Horse Canned Rose / Staff Photo by Jennifer Bardoner

While the idea of drinking wine from a can never entered most people's minds until a few years ago, I've been seeing more and more cans of rose and hard seltzer on the shelves and in the hands of friends during recent FaceTime chats.

Sales of ready-to-drink canned cocktails and wine have increased by 40% over the past year, and hard seltzer sales have tripled in the same time period, according to market research group Nielsen. The top reasons drinkers say they are reaching for ready-to-drink cocktails include convenience (56%), availability to purchase from the grocery store (36%), their light and refreshing qualities (34%), that they can be easily sipped over the course of an evening (32%) and that they can be easily consumed anywhere (32%), according to a 2019 Nielsen survey.

Lucky for us, the increased popularity of canned alcoholic beverages beyond just beer conveniently arrived before the global pandemic, providing many more portable options for socially distanced outdoor drinking as well as foolproof premade cocktails for those lacking in random ingredients or mixology skills.

Don't want to leave the house to get your canned drink fix? Our curated picks can be delivered to your door in about an hour, depending on where you live in the Chattanooga area, though some drinks are only available through certain stores or services. Drizly and Dinner Delivered offer delivery from local stores like Riverside Wine & Spirits, Harry's Wine & Spirits, Lakesite Wine & Spirits, Imbibe Chattanooga, Highway 58 Liquors, East Brainerd Wine and Spirits, Ooltewah Discount Liquor and more.



White Claw Hard Seltzer

Hard seltzer popped up as a trend last summer and seems to be here to stay. White Claw claims its proprietary BrewPure alcohol provides the cleanest tasting alcohol base of the array of hard seltzer brands now on the market. Try Black Cherry or Mango, which are among the most popular flavors, or spring for one of the variety packs.

Dark Horse Canned Rose

This dry, fruit-forward rose is made for sunny days. Throw a couple of these in a cooler by your porch swing and proceed with your lazy afternoon uninterrupted.

Crafters Union Pinot Grigio

A wine bottle may look cuter poking out of your picnic basket, but packing a couple of cans is way more practical. Crafters Union's crisp, bright pinot grigio pairs well with salty snacks, salads, seafood and blankets on the grass. Plus, the can design is pretty cute.

Bartles & Jaymes Watermelon & Mint

The original wine cooler of the 1980s, Bartles & Jaymes still exists — and now comes in a can. Of the four new flavors, this invigorating combo is our favorite.

Monaco Cocktails Blue Crush

For those who want it all, Blue Crush combines vodka, tequila, gin and rum into one tasty canned beverage. Be careful, though. The company promises two shots in each can and the addition of crisp carbonated soda might fool you.