Community News Collegedale Commons close to breaking ground

Community News Collegedale Commons close to breaking ground

February 24th, 2016 by Gabrielle Chevalier in Community East Hamilton

Collegedale Tomorrow Foundation Director David Barto speaks to a crowd at Morris Hill Baptist Church last Thursday during a community meeting hosted by Commissioner Sabrena Smedley and Councilman Larry Grohn.

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

With $1.2 million raised and a private donor match promise of $1.8 million, Collegedale Commons is set to break ground early next month.

Phase 1 of the Common's three total phases will include basic site work for all eight acres of the property and getting the planned farmer's market area up and running.

"He [the private donor] would really like to see it up and running this year," Collegedale Tomorrow Foundation Director David Barto during a community meeting in East Hamilton last week.

Barto spoke at the meeting to stress the city of Collegedale and his foundation's desire to span beyond the boarders of the municipality.

"We are not building this to be Collegedale-centric," he said. "We want this to really be a community hub that everyone can enjoy."

The planned Chattanooga Farmer's Market will be an extension of the downtown market, Barto, who is also on the board of directors for the market, added.

"The concept is to make the downtown market better, because it has gotten too big for its britches," he explained. "It's become almosts too successful in a way, because people have stopped going regularly because it gets too busy."

The Commons' branch of the Chattanooga Market will take place Wednesday and Saturday evenings until 8 p.m., providing access to many of the same vendors as the downtown market with the convenience of a closer location.

For more information on the Collegedale Tomorrow Foundation or the Collegedale Commons or to donate to the project, visit Options for both monthly and one-time donations are available on the website as well.

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