The original Crumbl Cookies shop in Logan, Utah is shown. A location of the 2-year-old chain is opening soon in East Brainerd. / Crumbl Cookies photo

Milk chocolate chip; sugar; snickerdoodle. Whatever cookie one is craving, Crumbl has it. For indecisive types or those always on the lookout for something new, every week the new cookie shop has a rotating menu of four new flavor options, such as raspberry cheesecake, Reese's chips or Biscoff lava.

The cousins who established the chain two years ago in a Utah college town have testers taste every recipe and rank them from 1-10. Only recipes with scores of 8-10 make it onto the rotating menu, said Celeste Ward, who's opening the franchise in East Brainerd with her husband Jim.

But you don't have to take the taste-testers' word. On Friday, Dec. 6, the shop plans to hand out free cookies from 10 a.m. to midnight.

"Once you have one, you'll want to come back and have another one," said Celeste Ward, whose weakness is the chilled sugar cookie.

The shop is always open till midnight to satisfy late-night cookie cravings, and will even deliver to customers' doors.

All the cookies — which are about the size of the palm of one's hand — are made from scratch in-house, Ward said. In addition to the four rotating flavors, the shop serves its best-selling milk chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookie flavors every day except Sundays, when the business is closed. And of course, Crumbl offers milk and chocolate milk to pair with its warm cookies.

Crumbl caters as well, with the added option of smaller "Crumbs" available only through catering.

The Wards discovered Crumbl while visiting their children in Utah, who attend college in the town where the brand was founded.

The East Brainerd residents decided to open their first Crumbl in their area of town, and are considering opening more locations in the Chattanooga area in the future, said Celeste Ward. There are currently 52 stores of the 2-year-old chain nationwide, with the closest located in Murfreesboro, she said.

Crumbl is at 8021 E. Brainerd Road, next to Starbucks, and can be reached at 225-6001. To learn more, visit

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