Now that it’s December, we can turn our attention to the real reason for the season: Advent calendars, of course.

For the few who don’t know, an Advent calendar is a special calendar, commonly consisting of small numbered flaps, used to count down the days of Advent till Christmas. Each day, one flap is opened, often to reveal a piece of chocolate.

But here is something that many may not know: Today there are dozens of Advent calendars on the market offering much more than candy. Indeed, a quick Google search turns up an impressive list of alternative Advent calendars. From snack foods to booze, here are a few of my favorites — by which I mean the weirdest.

Kellogg’s Advent Calendar

For a bowl-sized serving of a different Kellogg’s breakfast cereal each day

Merry Piggin’ Christmas

For a different flavor of pork scratchings, aka fried pig skin, each day

Carluccio’s Luxe Advent Calendar

For a new Italian-inspired treat, from truffle butter to limoncello chocolates, each day

Pringles Advent Calendar

For a different-flavored stack of Pringles potato chips each day

Pimp Your Prosecco

For a new bubbly gift, such as cherry-flavored bubbles, that can be added to your glass of prosecco each day.

Indeed, I’ll raise a glass to any one of these Christmas countdowns. Cheers, dear readers!