Chattanooga Now Best Foot Forward

Chattanooga Now Best Foot Forward

April 30th, 2012 by Jennifer Williams in Getout Climbing - old

Getting into climbing can be an exciting and challenging adventure, but before you get started, it's important to outfit yourself with the proper footwear.

Novice climbers should start with a shoe for all-day comfort. Such shoes should fit like a running shoe with the tip of your longest toe touching the shoe's end. The shoes are designed to keep the toes flat in order to fit into smaller spaces, while providing cushioning to the heel and ball of the foot with a thick rubber sole.

Climbers sometimes have to walk to their desired climbing area, and that's where approach shoes become useful. Approach shoes should strike a fine balance between hiking boots and climbing shoes, with characteristics of each essential for climbing over rocks and making long treks from point A to point B.


Five Ten Guide Tennie

This shoe sets the standard in the all-terrain category, with design perfect for rocky areas because of their durable canvas. $109.95

Salewa MS Fire Vent

Suitable for both long approaches and actual climbs, these shoes feature breathable uppers and removable inserts for a perfect fit. $118.95

Salomon Exit 2 Aero

This shoe is light, breathable and cushioned, making it ideal when traveling in warmer seasons. $89.95


La Sportiva Mythos

These climbing shoes are unlined, allowing you to feel the rock with the comfort of a sport shoe. $139.95

Five Ten Moccasym

Perfect for every climber, these shoes focus body weight over the big toe for more power from the front of the foot. $119.95

Evolv Defy (Men's) and Elektra (Women's) VTR

The low-volume toe, arch and heel of this shoe allows for maximum performance while climbing without compromising the comfort factor. $88.95