Thanksgiving is just a few weeks out, and Christmas is not far behind, so families across Chattanooga are busy making plans for everything from care for loved ones who need some extra help during the holidays and beyond, to making sure your smile is its absolute best for all those family photos. Whatever your need, the Scenic City is home to some great groups who offer wonderful solutions.

For example, if you have aging loved ones in your life that are needing some extra care and assistance (especially during the holiday season and gatherings), 5 Star Home Care offers services and care that fit every need, especially for those suffering with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Kenny Higdon, owner of 5 Star Home Care, suggests art therapy as one method of engaging these loved ones and keeping their minds sharp. His company employs caregivers who help seniors and those living with a disability or recovering from an injury or illness to perform day-today activities.

"My heart goes out to anyone with Alzheimer's and their family," Higdon said. "We take care of the bathing, dressing, doing laundry, light housekeeping, meal preparation and transportation so they can concentrate their energy on reaching out and staying connected to their loved one."

The business carefully connects caretakers with clients across Tennessee. For families who are concerned about the health and safety of a loved one, reach out to 5 Star Home Care at 423-893-8181.

For some, maybe your hearing isn't up to snuff and being around family is more taxing than usual. Is the ringing, buzzing, clicking or humming in your ears, also known as tinnitus (pronounced TINN-a-tus or ti-NIGHT-us), driving you to distraction? Be assured, you are not alone. An estimated 50 million Americans experience some form of tinnitus, making it one of the most common health conditions.

Megan Johnson, Au.D. and owner of Johnson Audiology, a Chattanooga-based private audiology practice, said, "Tinnitus is experienced by people in different ways. For some, tinnitus manifests itself as a ringing sound, while others experience tinnitus as a hissing, buzzing, roaring, clicking or humming. I've even had patients report that their tinnitus sounds like music playing directly in their ears."

For more information about the effects and signs of tinnitus, contact the team at Johnson Audiology to schedule a consultation or appointment at 423-710-1432 or visit

It's no secret that stress, especially holiday stress, has a major influence over our bodies in many ways, both direct and indirect, but did you know that it can have a big (and rather negative) impact on your dental health too? From cold sores to grinding your teeth at night, stress can be the cause, and Drs. Robert and Mandy Shearer have some insight on how to head it off at the pass.

"It is amazing how much stress shows up in our mouth," Dr. Mandy explained. "Clenching, grinding and other bad habits often show up early, and some people develop cold sores with stress."

During times of high stress, she recommends a night guard paired with daily stretches to help with muscle tension and sometimes even Botox to help with sore jaw muscles, in sever cases. If left unattended it can lead to problems with TMJ that's located in front of your ear where the skull and lower jaw meet, Dr. Mandy shared.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Soddy Daisy Smiles at 423-332-5275 or visit

Some families find themselves struggling to cope with chronic health issues while traveling for the holidays. If you're facing kidney disease of any kind, it can be difficult knowing where to turn and what to expect, but Chattanooga Kidney Centers offers a variety of services and strives to help ease patients' minds and meet their needs.

Chattanooga Kidney Center's staff is also available to help with transient services so that patients can still travel and not have to worry about their needed care. Team members work to help answer your dialysis travel questions, including insurance coverage for treatments; locate a dialysis facility closest to your destination; and above all make your treatment reservations for you.

For those who are new to dialysis, Chattanooga Kidney Center also offers a host of resources to help you on your journey with any additional questions you and your family may have. To learn more, visit to read on or set up a consultation.

Center for Facial Rejuvenation's Rochelle Perkins is bringing back a popular deal that guests haven't seen in a while: 20 percent off skincare products and select holiday bundles until Christmas (November and December).

Popular products that feature the discount pricing include Botox, for both new and returning appointments, at just $11 a unit, microneedling for buy three, get one 20% off with growth factor, and shrink wraps for discounted bundles. team is getting ready to offer something fantastic to Chattanoogans and their families to help them feel and be their best selves this season.

Services at CFR are widely varied and are all impeccable from ear surgery and eyelid lifts to facial fat transfers and even hand rejuvenation. Procedures are done with extensive care whether its surgical services like a lift or fat transfers or lasers or injectibles, like Botox. Furthermore, clients need not worry about financing, as the center offers affordable payment plans, all of which is discussed during your consultation, and with the holiday discounts coming into play, great deals are almost a sure thing.

For more information about their discounted pricing or the Holiday Gala, call 423-648-2035 or visit

Finding yourself in pain during long holiday car rides? It might be worth an ask to your doc or surgeon. PAD is a common circulatory problem that happens when there's a narrowing of blood vessels outside your heart, reducing blood flow to your limbs. When this happens, your extremities don't receive enough blood flow – leading to symptoms like leg pain when walking or being active. PAD is caused by atherosclerosis, or a buildup of plaque on the interior walls of the arteries that pump blood to your arms and legs.

The USA Vascular Group provides vascular diagnostic testing in our onsite lab (VDS) and consults and treatment by experienced vascular surgeons. If PAD is detected, your USA surgeon will recommend a treatment plan based on your symptoms, test results, medical history and future potential risks. This plan may include lifestyle changes and medications to relieve pain and symptoms, and surgical procedures to increase blood flow through your arteries. With 7 vascular surgeons, 7 nurse practitioners and physician assistants, a full vascular diagnostics lab, special procedures suite, and clinical staff, USA Vascular is ready and able to help you understand and manage PAD.

If your doctor recommends vascular testing, you can request to be referred to USA Vascular or call us today at 423-267-0466. 

Finally, founded with an emphasis on education, Your CBD Store has helped dispel many misconceptions about its hemp derived products. Unlike most stores selling CBD, they are not a vape shop, instead they boast themselves as having an inviting learning environment where customers can try products and leave feeling comfortable with their decision.

Your CBD Store's owner Ashley Banks has made it her mission to bring high quality CBD products into the Chattanooga area and dispel their taboo by providing a high-end atmosphere at her store that offers an open space for discussion of dosage and possible strategies in implementing CBD safely and effectively.

"We are different from most CBD stores in that we specialize in CBD and don't offer anything else," Banks said. "We provide an environment for education on CBD and how to take it. We pride ourselves in being 'CBD Experts'."

She explained that cannabidiol, better known as CBD, may be one of the most broadly therapeutic plant extracts of our time. It comes from the "industrial hemp plant," not the marijuana plant. This distinction is what makes the extract legal as well as differences in medical applications due to chemical uniqueness with high CBD quantities. Along with its lengthy list of therapeutic properties, it comes with the backing of the medical community, the World Health Organization, the nursing community, and the veterinary community. 

To learn more, visit or Google Your CBD Store Chattanooga, or stop in during business hours.