In-Town Gallery prepares its spring exhibition

In-Town Gallery prepares its spring exhibition

April 29th, 2012 by Casey Phillips in Life Entertainment


What: Spring is in the Art seasonal exhibition.

When: Friday, 5-8 p.m. (Gallery hours are 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Saturday; 1-5 p.m. Sunday).

Where: In-Town Gallery, 26A Frazier Ave.

Admission: Free.

Phone: 267-9214.


In-Town Gallery reinvents itself every spring and fall.

Free seasonal exhibitions allow the Frazier Avenue artistic co-op to showcase the newest work of its member artists.

This year's spring exhibition, "Spring Is in the Art," will open Friday and features two new artists: photographer Spears McAllester and jeweler Barbara Murnan.

Seeing the gallery refreshed for the season is always a treat, said In-Town member artist and marketing committee member Helen Burton.

"It's great to have completely fresh, new work," Burton said. "I can't wait until Friday, and if I get a chance to get a sneak preview, I love to do that because our openings are so crowded you can barely see the walls."

The biannual events typically draw more than 200 guests, Burton said. Attendees can enjoy refreshments as they view a diverse collection representing a range of media, from decorative wooden sculptures and watercolor paintings to copper bracelets and clay pottery. All pieces are for sale.

Before new artists can be accepted into the co-op, they must apply and submit original works to a jurying panel. Burton, a watercolor painter, became a member of the gallery 12 years ago after applying for two years.

McAllester and Murnan offer a new perspective on their respective media, both of which are well-represented by other members, she said.

"I admire their work," Burton said of McAllester and Murnan. "Some of Spear's photos look like black and white, but they're in color and digital. He has done some winter photos that are exquisite.

"Barbara's work is different from our other jewelers because she works in copper. Hers is more contemporary."

In-Town Gallery was founded in 1974, and Burton said the biannual clean sweep has been going on as long as she can remember.

While the work of the newest member artists is featured, the exhibition also offers a chance for existing members to present their newest creations.

Gallery president Gay Arthur has been juried in multiple media and is the hanging chairman responsible for determining the gallery's layout and paint scheme, which also is refreshed for the biannual exhibitions.

She allots equal exhibition space to each member, but the artists' pieces are generally not presented together. Instead, she said, she prefers to create a layout that flows naturally from artist to artist.


In-Town Gallery is a co-op featuring 34 area artists representing a range of media, including:

• Assemblage -- Leslie Dulin

• Clay -- Sheila Fulghum, Roger Harvey and Ted Reeder

• Drawing -- Doug McCoy

• Etching -- Linda Thomas

• Glass -- Carolyn Insler and Mary Beth McClure

• Jewelry -- Eleanor Goodson, Mary Clor, Mary Beth McClure, Barbara Murnan and Marian Kern

• Painting -- Gay Arthur, Helen Brooks, Helen Burton, Leslie Dulin, Paul Fontana, Ellen Franklin, Chuck Frye, Peggy Huffstutter, Jennie Kirkpatrick, Coyee Langston, Doug McCoy, John McLean, Marie Miller, Victoria Peamain, Lori Ryan, Janis Wilkey, Bradley Wilson and Jane Yelliot

• Photography -- Cam Busch, Spears McAllester and Virginia Webb

• Sculpture -- Julie Clark

• Woodworking -- Doug Barker and Jim Roche