My Style: Melody Reser

My Style: Melody Reser

December 3rd, 2012 by Karen Nazor Hill in Life Entertainment

Melody Reser is the owner of Juicy Gems in Chattanooga.

Melody Reser is the owner of Juicy Gems...

Name: Melody Reser

Profession: Juicy Gems owner

Hometown: Chattanooga

Earrings: Juicy Gems - $16

Necklace: Juicy Gems - $24

Jacket: Dillard's - $120

Bangles: Juicy Gems - $48

Ring: Juicy Gems - $18

Watch: Gift

Dress: Stein Mart - $50

Tights: Stein Mart - $12

Boots: New York - $250

"I love fashion. I love to make it fun. I'd shop from when the stores open until they close if I could. I go to Texas every six to eight weeks to visit my daughter, and we shop. That's all we do. I follow trends, but I don't go for everything. You have to adjust styles and choose what looks good on you. I'm also into costume jewelry. You can change the look of an outfit by adding the glitz and glamour of costume jewelry, and it's not expensive. It's fun."