Credit card "skimmer" found at Dalton bank ATM

Credit card "skimmer" found at Dalton bank ATM

October 15th, 2011 by Associated Press in Local - Breaking News

Surveillance photo of a burgundy or red Audi, bearing a distinctive black designer-type tag on the front, taken at the drive through ATM at Walnut Avenue and Tibbs Road in Dalton, Ga. The driver of the vehicle is suspected of being involved in the placement of a card skimmer device at the Regions Bank ATM.

Surveillance photo of a burgundy or red Audi,...

A bank card "skimmer" device has been discovered at the drive-through ATM of the Regions Bank at Walnut Avenue and Tibbs Road, according to Dalton, Ga., police spokesman Bruce Frazier.

A "skimmer" is a device inserted in the place of a card reader at an ATM that reads and then stores card number and PIN information that can later be used by a hacker, Frazier said.

The device has been removed, he said, and it is not immediately clear how long it was in place. Dalton detectives are investigating.

If you have used this ATM recently, it is important to monitor your account statements and notify your bank of any unusual or fraudulent activity immediately, Frazier said.

People should also be on the lookout for signs that ATMs have been tampered with, Frazier said. If the panel with the card reader or keypad appears or feels loose, or looks like it has been opened, it may have been tampered with, he said. Do not use an ATM if this is the case and contact the bank and also police, Frazier said.