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John Fine, Rhea County's clerk and master, leaves the downtown historic courthouse for lunch. The Rhea County Courthouse, home of the 1925 Scopes Trial, is featured in the new Retire Rhea County brochures paid for by the Rhea Economic and Tourism Council. Photo by Kimberly McMillian

DAYTON, Tenn. - Rhea County's accessible location, its scenic trails and lakes are featured in new "Retire Rhea County" brochures unveiled at this week's Rhea Economic and Tourism Council meeting.

Earlier this year, the council's community livability committee announced that the county would take part in the RetireTN program. The colorful brochure features local and regional attractions, colleges, golf courses, parks, annual festivals and Lake Chickamauga.

Dayton Mayor Gary Louallen said 380 boats are registered for the Heartland Anglers tournament scheduled for Oct. 4 and 5 on the lake, and he announced the city's plans for expansion at Dayton City School.

"We have started a building program" to add 12 classes within the next three months, he said.

County Director of Schools Jerry Levengood said additional plans include paving during fall break at Rhea Middle School.

Commissioner Ronnie Raper, who serves on the Rhea Medical Center board, said that facility plans to recruit another surgeon, and possibly a general practitioner, to its staff later this year.

Officials also announced plans for upcoming events.

Graysville Mayor Ted Doss said the city's fall festival has been rescheduled for Oct. 19. And MainStreet Dayton Chairman Randy Wells said the annual Pumpkinfest is scheduled for Oct. 25 and 26.

In other matters, the economic council is continuing its search for an executive director.

"We're still in the process" of evaluating good candidates, Chairman Roger Panoz said.

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