George Flinn says Joe Carr "cannot be trusted"

George Flinn says Joe Carr "cannot be trusted"

July 28th, 2014 by Andy Sher in Local - Breaking News

George Flinn

George Flinn

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

NASHVILLE - Republican U.S. Senate hopeful George Flinn is now aiming his fire at state Rep. Joe Carr, R-Lascasas, the other challenger to Sen. Lamar Alexander in the GOP primary election.

Flinn says in a new release issued this morning that like Alexander, Carr has a "history of flip-flopping on important issues, dodging key votes, and being involved in backdoor deals that don't benefit Tennesseans but himself."

"Every voter should demand transparency from candidates and research their records before voting," Flinn says of Carr, a favorite of many in-state Tea Party groups.

"Joe Carr, like Lamar has flip-flopped on issues such as common core," said Flinn, citing the controversial teaching standards. Flinn said Carr voted for Tennessee's First to the Top legislation, which he noted led to implementation of Common Core standards.

He said Carr also "openly supported the internet sales tax" and also that the state lawmaker, who has championed anti-illegal immigration measures, "dodged" immigration votes such as one that granted children of illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates at Tennessee colleges.

Flinn also accused Carr of having "gambled with donations from individuals without their permission," citing a $200,000 loan Carr's campaign made to a company run by a Carr supporter, millionaire investor Andrew Miller.

Carr received $9,564.54 in interest on the loan, which was made in the fourth quarter of last year and not originally reported on Carr's disclosure.

"If Carr is willing to risk donations from those who trust him most for his own personal gain, what will he do in Washington," Flinn said.

"We do not need another senator who misleads Tennesseans by voting on bills the wrong way and then covering it up later with manufactured weak apologies, or just dodging the tough votes all together. We need a fighter, someone who will take the tough route. Joe Carr is version number two of Lamar Alexander," Flinn said.