Police shot man 13 times after lengthy chase

Police shot man 13 times after lengthy chase

September 4th, 2015 by Staff Report in Local Regional News

5900 Highway 153

35.163479, -85.247244
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Brent Pickard, who was killed by Hamilton County sheriff's deputies in August, was shot 13 times in the head, chest, torso, arm, hand and leg, according to a report issued by the medical examiner. 

The medical examiner's office could not determine the exact range at which Pickard was shot, but the report said the wounds were consistent with an "intermediate target." 

Most of the shots hit Pickard in the front and side of his body, though a few hit him on the back of the arm and hands. 

Police said the 46-year-old, who was more than $1 million in debt, brandished a firearm at the end of a lengthy car chase. The cause of death was classified as multiple gunshot wounds, and Pickard was classified as dead on arrival. 

Both the Chattanooga Police Department and Sheriff Jim Hammond are investigating the shooting.

Hammond said the police department will look at whether the shooting was justified by law. 

Police have not identified the type of firearm Pickard brandished. 

The stretch of Highway 153 where the shooting took place was closed overnight and into the next morning.