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A Soddy-Daisy woman is facing several charges after damaging private and public property and threatening to kill a police officer and his family, according to police records.

Kayla Hood, 25, reportedly told a Soddy-Daisy police officer that she was going to "kill" his children and "put a bullet" in his head as he was arresting her, according to an arrest report.

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Kayla Hood

Soddy-Daisy police were called to a home in the 11000 block of Hixson Pike Saturday afternoon for a reported disorder that quickly escalated into an "out of control" fight, the arrest report states.

Hood was in a family member's home and began throwing things, according to the arrest report. The commotion was so loud, the police officer said, he could hear it "from where I was standing near the driveway."

Once Hood went outside, she began yelling profanities at her family member and throwing and kicking property that was in the yard, the arrest report shows. At that point, neighbors began stepping outside to see what was going on.

The family member showed the officer three large dents in the home's wall that were allegedly caused by Hood's punches, according to the arrest report.

The officer then began trying to arrest Hood, but she resisted, "rolling her arms up toward her torso and pulling away" from the officer.

She then began to slam her head against the patrol car's windows, and as the officer tried to restrain her with a seatbelt she "aggressively thrusted her head" toward his head "in an attempt to head butt" him, the arrest report states.

During the ride to the Soddy-Daisy Police Department, Hood told the officer that, since he was taking her children away, she was going to "kill" his children.

"Your kids are dead," she told him, according to the arrest report.

Once at the police department, Hood began beating her head against the wall in the booking room, "which caused a large dent in the sheetrock," the arrest report states.

Both the family member and the property manager asked to file vandalism charges against Hood. And the property manager barred Hood from returning to the property.

Hood is charged with assault on police, resisting arrest, retaliation for past acts, disorderly conduct, vandalism and destruction of government property.

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