Staff Photo by Matt Hamilton / Chatsworth resident Seth Vineyard carries a sign as Trump supporters walk across a parking lot to the rally site on Saturday. The rally took place Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020 in Dalton at the intersection of Glenwood Ave. and Walnut Ave.

More than 50 people made the trek from Elijay, Georgia, to Dalton on Saturday afternoon for a rally supporting President Donald Trump and his efforts to overturn the election results.

On Friday afternoon, multiple media outlets called Georgia and its 16 electoral votes for Joe Biden, a week after Biden presumably won Pennsylvania, causing media outlets to declare him the president-elect.

However, most of Trump's supporters in Dalton said Saturday they dispute the election results, citing reports of voter fraud, and preached patience for when the election results are finalized.

Craig and Lydia Dunn recently moved from Florida to Elijay. Both are unemployed but looking for jobs. They came out Saturday to show support for Trump.

"I think it was a steal of the American people," Craig said.

"There's no way Biden got that many votes," Lydia said. "We have been from Florida to North Carolina to Georgia and out of 1,000 [signs] you'd see two Biden signs in yards. So we don't believe this is a fair election."

Craig said it's important for everyone — election officials and the media — to wait until results are finalized to officially call a winner.

"You can't call it," he said. "No states have been called for Biden, no states have been called for Trump. None of that has been certified yet."

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Rally for Trump in Dalton, Georgia

Many of Trump's supporters in Dalton were holding out hope, possibly for the last time, that their candidate would represent them for another four years.

Jill Green and Michele Cutrone didn't feel great about how the results came in. Cutrone called the counting of mail-in ballots "vote dumps" and wasn't ready to declare Georgia a blue state.

"We know Georgia is red. The right will overcome the cheating," Cutrone said. "It's definitely fishy. I just think the American people spoke and were ignored."

People from across the state took part in Saturday's rally. Trump flags waved from the backs of pickups, trailers and motorcycles. Only a few Trump supporters wore masks in a county dealing with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the state.

Despite the optimism, those on Saturday reflected on what it would be like without Trump in the White House in January.

"We're in a pretty sad situation if [Biden is elected], but whoever is legally elected the president of the United States, you have to stand behind the office," Craig said.

"Not that we're going to like it," Lydia said. "The whole thing is going to go down the drain if Biden gets in."

Green said she believes Biden will be true president-elect once Trump concedes.

"Once he exhausts his avenues and it doesn't work for him, I believe he will concede," Green said. "If the votes are where they are, I can accept it. But I don't like that they're trying to push us without counting every vote."

Green mentioned the famous 2000 recount in Florida when Democratic nominee Al Gore used as much time as possible.

"There's no reason to rush it," Green said. "Let the chips fall where they may and we'll go from there."

Even if Biden holds on, there's still some hope for the most die hard Trump supporters.

"He can serve two terms," Green said. "If that's the way it turns out we'll be right there in 2024."

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