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File Photo: DeAngelo L. Jelks

DeAngelo Jelks, former vice chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, will not be charged with rape following allegations made against him in September.

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"Investigators have advised that Mr. Jelks will not be charged," said Sgt. Jeremy Eames, spokesperson for the Chattanooga Police Department.

Jelks, 40, has previously admitted to having an extramarital affair but maintains that the allegations of rape made against him were false.

"The [Chattanooga Police Department] imaged both her phone and mine, [and] were able to definitively say that there was no illegal activity on my end," Jelks said via email.

Jelks quickly resigned his position as vice chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party after feeling pressured to do so when the allegations were made public during his unsuccessful campaign to represent the northern and eastern parts of the county in the state House of Representatives.

"I felt I wasn't being heard and was being pressured to resign by the higher-ups," said Jelks, who began his political career after a friend suggested he run for office.

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Lee Davis, Jelks' attorney, said that his law offices are actively investigating the airing of the allegations and the complaint itself.

"I am very sensitive about allegations of sexual assault. I am a former prosecutor, I take this seriously. If somebody commits a sexual crime, or sexual assault, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law," Davis said. "That said, when someone makes up a false allegation, that is extremely serious to me and to authorities as well. I will tell you that this is a false allegation."

Davis said Jelks has "cooperated in the investigation and provided [authorities] with digital access to records, social media, text messages, other documentation," adding that "100% of the information has determined this was a sexual, inappropriate relationship between two consenting adults, that's it."

Jelks, a captain in the U.S. Army Reserve, said that an opportunity to serve as an emergency officer for the reserve in Kuwait was taken away from him and he lost his job as a result of the allegations.

"[This has been] one of the hardest times in my life," he said. " I've always had faith that my name would be cleared."

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Jelks, who said he was thankful for the support of friends and family through a difficult time, said that he will continue to focus on volunteering and making a difference at a more local level, while leaving politics behind.

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