Pamela Adlon found a niche in Hollywood on her own terms

Pamela Adlon found a niche in Hollywood on her own terms

October 5th, 2017 by Associated Press in National Entertainment

This image released by FX shows Rebecca Metz, left, and Pamela Adlon in a scene from "Better Things." Aldon is not only the star of the semi-autobiographical series but she’s also its co-creator, writer and director. (Jessica Brooks/FX via AP)

Photo by The Associated Press /Times Free Press.

NEW YORK (AP) - Pamela Adlon was nominated for an Emmy Award for lead comedic actress this year for her role on FX's "Better Things." During the awards show, she found her mind wandering to a possible consolation prize: a gift basket.

She asked Stanley Tucci, who was seated near her in the audience. Says Adlon: "He was like, 'I think we used to.' I was like, 'OK, I just want to make sure.'"

Adlon brings that realness and perspective to "Better Things," which airs on Thursday nights. The semi-autobiographical series, now in its second season, is based on her life as a single mom raising three girls.

She says her maternal instinct has always defined her. Says Adlon: "It's never turned off."