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Jerry Don Case

KIMBALL, Tenn. -- The Bass Federation will hold its 2012 Tennessee High School Fishing State Championship on May 11-12 on Nickajack Lake in Marion County.

Last year, Kimball hosted the Bass Federation's National Championship, and Mayor David Jackson said it was so successful that town officials are excited to host a similar event.

The Kimball Board of Mayor and Aldermen recently voted unanimously to host the event this year and again in 2013.

Jackson said about 60 competitors are expected in this year's tournament, and those participants and their families will be in town for "two or three days."

Kimball will pay $2,500 and provide three hotel rooms for Bass Federation officials each year, but officials said that money will be recouped through the participants' stays in town.

"[The Bass Federation] is figuring the average family will spend about $700 that weekend," Jackson said.

Alderman Jerry Don Case said the event is "going to be good for our businesses."

The town's contribution for hosting the event doesn't compare to what local business will receive in return, Alderman Mark Payne said.

"You'll have 60 kids and 60 mommas and 60 daddies and all of them spending money," he said. "I definitely think we should do it."

Registration opens on Feb. 27 at 4 p.m. CST, Bass Federation officials said.

Last April, Austin Massingill and Jordan Holbert of Soddy-Daisy High School won the 2011 Tennessee High School Fishing State Championship, which was held on Lake Chickamauga.

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