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Myles Stout

Read the amended protective order request


A woman who claims she has been harassed continually by a man convicted in a shooting death has filed a more detailed version of her original complaint.

On Tuesday, Alexandra Ambrosetti filed a 16-page amended petition for a protective order against Myles Stout that describes her recent history with him and allegations of his ongoing harassment.

Stout faces sentencing in Hamilton County Criminal Court on Nov. 5 after he was convicted of reckless homicide in the March 9, 2011, shooting death of 18-year-old Myles Compton. A jury found him not guilty of second-degree murder, the original charge.

His attorney, Hank Hill, declined to comment on Ambrosetti's new depiction of events surrounding the restraining order.

A hearing on the protective order is scheduled for Thursday in Hamilton County Chancery Court.

In court documents, Ambrosetti claims she and Stout knew each other and, in August 2010, Stout accompanied her familty on a trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn. During the trip, Stout texted her that he would "cut or cut up" Ambrosetti's brother, she said, and her father asked him to stop communicating with her.

Stout continued texting Ambrosetti off and on over the next two years but she claims she quit responding in February 2012, though he continued trying to contact her through his and other friends' cellphones.

From Sept. 9 through Sept. 21, Ambrosetti was out of the country on a medical mission trip. At 2 a.m. on Sept. 22, three hours after she returned home, she received a call and apparent drunken voice mail from Stout, she alleges. The message states, "Hope you had a good time on your mission trip. Glad you stayed safe. Hope God's will be done. ... OK. Bye-bye. I love you."

She said she did not know how he knew she was out of town or that she had returned.

Ambrosetti contacted Hamilton County Sheriff's Office investigators, who advised her to reply in text that he should not contact her. He responded, denying he had texted her and saying he didn't need her anyway.

There is no record of criminal charges filed in connection with the alleged stalking and harassment.