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Priscilla Ann Oliver

A Lafayette, Ga., man remains in critical condition at Erlanger hospital after his estranged wife was accused of stabbing him in the stomach and back with a steak knife.

Police found Stephen Oliver, 40, bloody on his porch after his 42-year-old wife, Priscilla, called 911 to report she needed authorities, an incident report shows. Before police arrived, Priscilla fled in a black Ford Ranger, but she was caught a few miles away because two of her truck's tires had been slashed.

As LaFayette police handcuffed her on a charge of aggravated assault, she told officers she had been choked and beaten and muttered that her tires had been slashed but "police won't do anything," the report states.

But Sgt. Stacey Meeks said police don't believe Priscilla Oliver was acting in self-defense when she allegedly stabbed her husband.

In a police report, a witness said the commotion started Saturday night with Stephen Oliver yelling in the street outside the home of a man Priscilla Oliver was involved with romantically. She got angry and stormed out of the house after him saying, "I'm going to put a stop to this," the witness told police.

At Stephen Oliver's home off Glenn Street, a witness told police he saw Stephen Oliver pinning his wife against a dryer and choking her before she stabbed him. Later, when she was arrested, police documented injuries to her knuckles, a bruise on her wrist and a possible bruise on her face, the report shows.

On the other hand, Stephen Oliver had larger cuts on his hands and arms that indicate he was acting in self-defense, Meeks said, and he was cut so deeply that the knife struck his liver and intestines.

Before Priscilla Oliver was hauled away, she told police she never meant to hurt him, she was just trying to get her dog. When her father met police to pick up the pit bull that was sitting in her truck, an officer wrote in a report that he overheard her say: "He's put his hands on me for the last time."

On Monday, she posted a $5,000 bond and was released on the condition that she stay away from her husband. She couldn't be reached for comment.

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